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Army of Darkness
This is the normal ending of 'Army of Darkness' as seen in the cinema and on Videotape (except of Asia)
click here for the alternative ending
Army of Darkness Ash gets a bottle of magic potion from the wise man. Each drop of the magic potion will let him sleep for one century. The wise man tells Ash to drink six drops, then he'll awake in his own time.

Army of Darkness Outside the castle Ash says goodbye to Sheila and rides away. From now on the movie has two different Endings, this is the one from the normal Version (Cinema and regular Video tape).

Army of Darkness Back in his own time, Ash is still working at the hardware store and is telling everyone who wants to know it (even those who don't want to hear it) about his great adventure.

Army of Darkness As you can see on this mans face (its Ted Raimi, director Sam Raimis younger brother), the audience isn't very impressed by Ashs stories.

Army of Darkness Suddenly a customer becomes possessed by an ugly demon. Time for Ash to prove that he's a real hero and no coward.

Army of Darkness Ash takes a gun from the store, jumps on a table and shoots an large amount of bullets in the demon.

Army of Darkness After some 'demon jumping through the air and Ash's shooting after him', the demon is defeated and lies on the floor.

Army of Darkness 'Hail to the King, Baby'
This time Ashs girlfriend isn't played by Bridget Fonda as in the beginning of the film. Maybe she just doesn't want to kiss Bruce Campbell :)