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  • 22.Dez.2001 News: Bridget Fonda models H&M Underwear. H&M told me that there are free mini posters available at the stores. I had no luck in getting one so i guess they are out of print now. But there are also lots of postcards available.
  • 03.Mar.2001 News: Page moved to I hope to find some time to update the page soon.
  • 22.Feb.1999 News: Sorry for the few updates in the last time, but i don't have the time anymore to update the page as regular as before
    'A Simple Plan' starts in Germany next thursday
    Breakup released on DVD
  • 2.Aug.1998 News: The Magazine Movieline has compiled a list of celebrities who have no clue about fashion when not on the big screen. Bridget made it on place 4, on place 5 there's Steven Seagal - Now i'm wondering a bit, is it really possible to be dressed worse than Steven Seagal ? :)
    thanks to PUSSSYKATT for the info.
  • 24.Jul.1998 News: Strapless (Ein fast anonymes Verhaeltnis) on German TV - RTL-2 10.Aug.98 08.30Hrs. Remember in Germany this film isn't available on Video.
  • 25.Jun.1998 News: I can't believe it Bridget has such a great taste in choosing the coolest directors - First there was Sam Raimi then came Quentin Tarantino and now she has chosen Steve Miner (Mr. Friday the 13th himself), but why is the title of the film 'Lake Placid' and not 'Crystal Lake' ? :)) Read more about this great event at 'Bridget Illustrated'. What will be next...maybe Friday part 10 Bridget kills Jason Voorhees. This woman is unbelievable.
  • 27.Mai.1998 News: Bridget was at the 'Larry Sanders Show' on April 5th, Episode 'Pilots And Pens Lost'. In Germany the Episode will be sent at RTL in the middle or end of 1999 :( big thanks to N. Hainzl from RTL Television for the info :))
  • 18.Mai.1998 News: Bridget next movie project is "South From Hell's Kitchen" with Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting), directed by Louis Nader (never heard of him).
  • 28.Mar.1998 News: The British magazine Neon has an article on Peter Fonda this month, and there is a picture taken in January of Bridget with her father. She looks the same way she did at the Oscars this week. The magazine cover features Neve Campbell. (thanks to David Smith for the Info)
  • 15.Mar.1998 News: Jackie Brown starts in Germany on 16.Apr.1998.
  • 10.Jan.1998 News: Sam Raimi(Evil Dead) and John Boorman(Excalibur) directing 'A Simple Plan' starring Bridget Fonda togeter with Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton. Production began on 5.Jan.98 with a budget of $17M. Release date for the US is 2.Oct.98.
  • 20.Dec.1997 News: Bridget will be at the Late Show with David Letterman on Dec.29.
  • 12.Dec.1997 News: Bridget will be at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Dec.23. I hope we'll hear some news about 'Jackie Brown' and (of course) some news about Dolphins :)
  • 02.Dec.1997 News: Bridget Fonda in Jackie Brown, Poster found at: Unofficial 'Jackie Brown' Homepage !!!
  • 24.Nov.1997 News: I found this picture in a newsgroup, i don't know who did this scan, so please contact me if i can use it or not. Mirabella Cover (202KB) !!!
  • 24.Sep.1997 News: No Emmy for Bridget this time :(((.
  • 18.Aug.1997 News: I found this picture in a newsgroup, thanks to Catscan for the pic. Entertainment Weekly Cover !!!
  • 04.Aug.1997 News: Bridget nominated for the Emmy Award 1997 !!! Categorie: Outstanding supporting Actress in a miniseries or special. More Infos at Emmy Award Page !!!
  • 03.Aug.1997 News: Get more Infos about Quentin Tarantinos next Movie 'Jackie Brown' starring Bridget Fonda at the Unofficial 'Jackie Brown' Homepage !!!
  • 03.Mar.2001 News: Page moved to I hope to find some time to update the page soon.
  • 19.Dec.1999 Forum I don't have the time to maintain this Site regularly, so i installed a message board where Bridget Fans can share their infos. Please use the forum just for Bridget related topics.
  • 09.Mar.1999 Article from the German magazine 'Stern'.
  • 07.Mar.1999 Other Download my Bridget Winamp Skin.
  • 04.Mar.1999 Other Page for my forthcoming Bridget Winamp Skin.
  • 22.Feb.1999 Films Infos about the 'Breakup' DVD.
  • 7.Aug.1998 Article about 'Jacob have i loved' (German language only).
  • 1.Aug.1998 Filmposter from 'Aria' and 'Jacob have i loved'.
  • 11.Jul.1998 Bridgets Mailing Address and my attemp to get an autographed photo from her.
  • 2.Jun.1998 Infos about Lightyears.
  • 31.Mai.1998 Feedback page added. Feel free to use it to recommend a link, send me a comment, give me new bridget infos or just fill out the form.
  • 30.Mai.1998 Filmposter from Camilla and Jackie Brown.
  • 04.Mai.1998 Bridget presenting 'Jackie Brown' at the Tonight Show
  • 10.Apr.1998 Next update coming as soon as my monitor is fixed :(
  • 24.Mar.1998 the Filmography is now available in 3 versions: normal HTML version, Java Version and 3D Java/VRML version.
  • 12.Mar.1998 Voting results watch the results of the 1997 voting for your favourite Bridget Fonda movie.
  • 11.Mar.1998 Java Version of the Filmography (beta version)
  • 08.Mar.1998 Article from Kino Magazine
  • 08.Feb.1998 Article from Mirabella Magazine - Page won't be updated till march (i'm on vacation)
  • 31.Jan.1998 Voting is over
  • 20.Jan.1998 Pictures from Mirabella Magazine and Details Magazine
  • 26.Dec.1997 Pictures Now i've replaced all the calendarpics with better scans.
  • 21.Dec.1997 Pictures I've replaced the first of the calendarpics with a better scanned, the others will also be replaced in the next days.
  • 15.Dec.1997 'Army of Darkness'description of the two different endings.
  • 10.Dec.1997 Jackie Brown Soundtrack pictures.
  • 09.Dec.1997 Films - Balto and Touch Videocaptures added.
  • 04.Dec.1997 Fanclub - English page added...Links - new Links.
  • 03.Dec.1997 Films - Bridget latest Films added.
  • 22.Nov.1997 Pictures/Poster - Army of Darkness.
  • 20.Nov.1997 TV/Other - Bridget at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
  • 19.Nov.1997 TV/Other - Dolphins in Danger Page readded.
  • 16.Nov.1997 New Design for the Single White Site - some parts under construction.
  • 07.Oct.1997 Other -> 21 Jump Street - Downloadable Video Captures --- German Article added to Dolphin Page.
  • 02.Sep.1997 Other -> 21 Jump Street - Bridgets Guest appearance in one Episode.
  • 30.Aug.1997 Other -> Dolphins, larger images for download.
  • 18.Aug.1997 Videocapture (You can't hurry love) --- Poster (You can't hurry love, It could happen to you).
  • 05.Aug.1997 Other -> Dolphins in Danger Page (under construction).
  • 04.Aug.1997 The Filmography page is also available in a Java (very early beta) Version --- Pulldown menu for quick page access at the main page added.
  • 03.Aug.1997 Videocapture (Grace of my Heart, Strapless) --- Poster (Strapless)
  • 22.Jul.1997 New topic: Other (Infos about Bridget's family and Guestbook) --- Videocapture (in the Gloaming) --- 2 Posters (Iron Maze, Doc Hollywood)
  • 07.Jul.1997 4 Filmposters added, Scandal, City Hall, Godfather 3, Rough Magic
  • 08.Jun.1997 5 Filmposters added at Pictures Page
  • 15.Mai.1997 Download time for Filmography Page enhanced
  • 05.Mai.1997 Vote for your favourite Bridget Movie on the Filmography page!!!
  • 17.Apr.1997 Guestbook, don't forget to sign it :)
  • 16.Apr.1997 Start of The Single White Site (i hope this is the final design :) )
  • 11.Apr.1997 New Article with Pic
  • 09.Apr.1997 2 New Video Captures and 2 New Pictures
  • 08.Apr.1997 Links Page redesigned
  • 05.Apr.1997 New Article with Pic
  • 04.Apr.1997 7 New Video Captures
  • 29.Mar.1997 Start of the New Digital Remastered Bridget Fonda Page